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2021 Aluminum Extrusion Design Competition
Third Place - $3,000 Scholarship

Santerre designed an attractive chair that shows off aluminum's aesthetics and versatility. Taking advantage of the ability of the extrusion process to build in features that eliminate additional fabrication steps, the student utilized bending for the legs and incorporated screw bosses into the spar profiles. The chair features extruded aluminum for 90 percent of the parts, making it lightweight and easy to move, easy to manufacture, and sustainable, according to the student.

"I think the design is attractive and could see this being used in reception areas and doctors' offices," commented competition judge Brook Massey of MI Metals.

"By mixing in wood with the aluminum extrusion, Pierre-Olivier has come up with a beautiful, modern, sturdy and lightweight chair," said Jackman. "The bent legs show how versatile and ductile aluminum extrusion is, and the incorporated screw bosses allow for minimal fabrication and ease in assembly.

ET Foundation

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Baks-Chair - 1.png
Baks-Chair - 2.png
Baks-Chair - 3.png
Baks-Chair - 4.png
Baks-Chair - 5.png
Baks-Chair - 12.png
Baks-Chair - 7.png
Baks-Chair - 6.png
Baks-Chair - 8.png
Baks-Chair - 9.png
Baks-Chair - 10.png
Baks-Chair - 11.png
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